A downloadable game for Windows


At the start of the game you are just in a menu. Left-Click on the "File Icon" to start the game. The Unlock/Lock Button feature is only there so in-game you don't accidentally hit the button that sends you back to menu.


Game by Morfy

Music by Joshua McLean

Contains music ©2021 Joshua McLean (https://joshua-mclean.itch.io) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


Drag with Left-Click to shoot

Left-Click on Buttons to use them

Right-Click on buttons to unlock/lock them


curser.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Do it.


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this game is really really fun, i recommend adding a sensitivity slider (as i had to change my mouse settings to play comfortably)

I've also noticed that if you move your mouse fast you can go through enemies, I'm almost 100% sure this wasn't intended but its really fun and felt really good to do while providing still quite a bit of risk, so i don't think its a bad thing at all.

overall this game was REALLY fun, though it didn't provide that much replayability.


Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I agree, it needs a scensitivity slider. The going through enemies is a littler hard to fix since I think its a problem about speed, and with the mouse you can technically always go faster.

Its definitely not a long game. I personally had this movement idea on my list for a long time now and just wanted to get it out there. Might use it again in a future project with improved features, and maybe even an alternative keyboard control.

Yeah bro, this game is so so pretty fun!!! I just ranking this and [sss]!!!

Thank you so much. I always appreciate feedback!