Programming, Art and Game-Design by Morfy

Music by Joshua McLean (In The City, Tread Lightly, Running)

Font OpenDyslexic by Abelardo Gonzalez


You are a fly trapped in a street lamp. And the street lamp is in space, traveling in hyper-speed. And also there are two 4-dimensional doors inside the lamp. And sometimes fireworks appear out of nowhere. Because of all the heat you are dehydrating so you better collect any fluid you see.


ARROW KEYS to move

ESCAPE to pause game

SPACEBAR to continue game after gameover

Bugs and Issues

The game turns off fullscreen when you lose and then respawn. The bug-fix will be uploaded soon enough. Currently you need to turn on the fullscreen manually everytime you respawn.


Download 59 MB

Install instructions

Downloadable not recommended.


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