A game by Morfy
Music by Joshua McLean

Contains music ©2020 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


Arrow-keys and WASD (ZQSD for AZERTY)

F11 for fullscreen

On Web use M to go back to the menu not ESCAPE.

Install instructions

Step 1: Click download.

Step 2: Play game.


Download 99 MB


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have tried the downloaded version

Glad you got it running, I'm gonna add gamepad support with the joysticks, which should be a lot more fun to play with.

Still waiting on this DLC.

Same, wonder if that guy who made this will ever follow up

I loved the Music 

It is amazin

its royality free music by joshua mclean so you can use it in your own games too.

not able to open the game

are you playing the web version or the downloadable? cause the web version can be weird at times

Web versio


then try the downloadable, but seems like you already did.