Heart of the Beast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:


In a post apocalyptic senario you are using a remote controllable robot to collect foodcans located in hazardous environments.


This game has two versions. The web version is the second one. If you want to play version 1, then you will have to download it below.

Install instructions

It may break your VM.


Download 16 MB
Download 5 MB
Download 16 MB


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This is an extremely cool game idea mate!

Struggling with the level 7, level 5 can be completed without any commands, not sure if that's intentional?

sry for kinda late response. yeah, as far as i remember level 5 was made to introduce you to the no signal tiles so you didnt need any commands for that.

level 7 is the main level for the no-signal-tiles. the whole game is suppose to be you remote controlling a robot, and therefore some times the signal is bad and you can't see what is at a certain tile. thats basically the black no-signal-tiles. and in level 7, since you cant see whats there you gotta guess your way through.

thanks, for commenting. always appreciate it.

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