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In a post apocalyptic senario you are using a remote controllable robot to collect foodcans located in hazardous environments. 

Install instructions

It may break your VM.


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This is an extremely cool game idea mate!

Struggling with the level 7, level 5 can be completed without any commands, not sure if that's intentional?

sry for kinda late response. yeah, as far as i remember level 5 was made to introduce you to the no signal tiles so you didnt need any commands for that.

level 7 is the main level for the no-signal-tiles. the whole game is suppose to be you remote controlling a robot, and therefore some times the signal is bad and you can't see what is at a certain tile. thats basically the black no-signal-tiles. and in level 7, since you cant see whats there you gotta guess your way through.

thanks, for commenting. always appreciate it.

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