Game by Morfy. Made in Godot.

Project GENIO

Welcome to Project G.E.N.I.O.! It stands for Genetically Edited and Neurologically Improved Organism. We are a group of german scientist who totally understand good morals. In this experiment we are training the navigation and reaction abilities of cockroaches. To do this, we have implanted a brainchip in the cockroaches heads. The chip helps us to read the cockroaches brain data, we can manually put them to sleep and we can even make them die when they hit a wall. This is totally legal!

The Potato

The cockroaches really seem to like potatoes. We think that it has something to do with the brainchip we gave them. But who cares. The important part is that they love potatoes and would do everything to get one. So we put potatoes at the end of mazes so they know where to go.

The Shoppy Rock

There is an easter egg in this game. It looks like this.


Download 12 MB


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