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MOVE MOUSE - look around

WASD - walk


LEFT-CLICK - shoot while aiming

F - use knife

ENTER - on/off fullscreen

Things to know

The knife does a lot of damage but is risky to use since you have to be close to the enemy.

Moving while shooting dicreases your accuracy.


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Hey Morfy,

I was really excited to play your game, and it did not disappoint! I loved the idea behind it, the graphics were really nice, and I absolutely loved the animations. The story was really well put together, and all in all a good experience.

A couple things I might suggest; The camera was a tad dizzying but not too much, and I got used to it after a while. Audio would also really enhance the gameplay, but maybe you didn't have time to add that, I don't know, even just a shooting noise would work well.

Best of luck in the jam, this is an amazing submission!

thanks a lot for the positive feedback. i wanna rethink the camera a bit and add sounds and music when the judging period is over. I made the levels like an hour before deadline so yes i had no time for music and stuff.